Critiques and Discussions of
The Israel Lobby
by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, (2007)

  • A critique from the left by Dick Platkin.  
  • "Lobbying Degree Zero" by Daniel Lazare, The Nation, Oct. 22, 2007.  
  • "The Israel Lobby: How Powerful is it Really?" by Stephen Zunes Foreign Policy in Focus, May 16, 2006.  
  • "The Israel Lobby Revisited" by Stephen Zunes Foreign Policy in Focus, Dec. 20, 2007.  
  • "Breaking the Taboo: Why We Took On the Israel Lobby" by Eric Chinski, Farrar, Straus and Giroux,, Oct. 16, 2007.  
  • "Outing the 'Israel Lobby'" by Khody Akhavi,, Sept. 7, 2007.  
  • "The Lobby and the Bulldozer: Mearsheimer, Walt, and Corrie" by Norman Solomon,, April 13, 2006 .  
  • "'The Israel Lobby' in Perspective" by Mitchell Plitnick and Chris Toensing, Middle East Report, Summer 2007  
  • "Deal with it" by Daniel Levy , Ha'aretz, Sept. 10, 2007
    Additional comments by Levy on his blog click here  
  • "Blaming the Israel Lobby It's US Policy That Inflames the Arab World" by Joseph Massad, CounterPunch, March 25/26, 2006  
  • "Israel, the 'Lobby,' and the United States, The Watchdog, not the Master" by Sherry Wolf, International Socialist Review, March-April 2007  
  • "Perhaps It Is Time For The U.S. To Reconsider Its Partnership With Israel" by Scott Ritter, Information Clearing House, Dec. 17, 2007
    Scott Ritter has written a powerful piece calling for a total reversal of US policy toward Israel. This essay indicates that at the non-public level, there is a growing debate in the US foreign policy establishment on how Israel fits in, or more accurately does not fit into overall US policy in the Middle East.

    In other words, does Israel help or hinder the efforts of the US to maintain its dominant economic and military position in the oil-rich Persian Gulf? Does Israel help of hinder the efforts of the US government to maintain close relationships with the major pro-US Sunni governments: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, and Egypt? Does Israel help or hinder US efforts to counter Islamic fundamentalism? Does it help or hinder the efforts of the US to establish and enormous network of bases and fleets in and surrounding the Persian Gulf, from Southern Europe and Turkey, to the Horn of Africa, to the "stans," to the Indian Ocean? Does Israel help or hinder the efforts of the US to engineer a discreet Vietnam-type retreat from Iraq in order to later square off against Iran?

    Like Jimmy Carter and Mearsheimer & Walt, Ritter has sided with the foreign policy realists on this question. He calls for the US to sever its relationship with Israel until Israel comes clean on its nuclear weapons and stops provoking war against Iran. Unlike Carter and Mearsheimer & Walt, though, Ritter does not even mention the Palestinians.  

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