Critiques and Discussions of Israel Palestinian Policy
by Jeff Halper, Israel Committee Against House Demolitions

  • Jeff Halper article, September 08, 2008 "The Palestinians: Warehousing a 'surplus people'". Jeff argues that the situation the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza endure is “worse then South African apartheid. Halper then quotes from Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine to suggest that the real goal of the Israelis, apparently supported by western democracies, is to “warehouse the Palestinians because they are a “surplus population,” meaning they have no place and function in the global economy. Finally Halper suggests that Israel’s goal is to end the political process with the Palestinians by forcing them into a rump, but temporary state that will last for a “very long time.” Halper concludes with, "The term "warehousing," then, is meant as a warning. We must continue our efforts to end the Israeli Occupation, even if this is meant in a wider sense, of creating a genuine Palestine/Israel, or a wider regional confederation, rather than an apartheid-cum-two-state solution or outright warehousing."  
  • Jeff Halper was a passenger on the Free Gaza boat trip from Cyprus to Gaza City Harbor that broke the Israeli siege ogf the Gaza Strip, at least by sae. Here are two essays by Jeff Halper. In the first Halper anticipats the trip, and in the second Halper summarizes his experience and describes Israeli reaction to the trip.
                 "Only We Can End the Conflict," Aug. 5, 2008.
                 "End of an Odyssey," Sept. 1, 2008.  
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  • Jeff Halper article, Nov. 5, 2005 "What are You Doing? What Have You Become? Israel as an Extension of American Empire", Counterpunch.  
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