Press Release                        August 5, 2008

Ad Hoc Group Against Israeli Attack on Iran

More than 100 hundred Israeli academicians and peace activists have signed the following declaration:

There is no military, political or moral justification to initiate war with Iran

A constant flow of information bears witness to the fact that the Israeli government is seriously considering attacking Iran, in order to disrupt its nuclear plans. We do not disregard irresponsible actions by the Iranian government - we also oppose atomic weapons in principle and support the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction from the region. However, it is clear that the main source of the immediate danger of a new, widespread war stems from the policies of the Israeli government and the flow of threats from it, backed by provocative military maneuvers.

After serious consideration, we reiterate our position that all the arguments for such an attack are without any security, political or moral justification. Israel might get caught up in an act of adventurism that could endanger our very existence, and this without any serious effort to exhaust the political and diplomatic alternatives to armed conflict.

We are not certain that such an attack will occur. But the very fact that it is being weighed as a reasonable option, makes it imperative that we warn and caution against the destructive results of an offensive strike against Iran.

Coordinating Group:

  • Prof. Gadi Algazi
  • Judy Blanc
  • Prof. Rachel Giora
  • Prof. Anat Matar
  • Prof. Adi Ophir
  • Prof. Yoav Peled
  • Reuven Kaminer
  • Prof. Haggai Ram
  • Prof. Yehuda Shenhav
  • Prof. Oren Yiftachel

    Contact: or 972 2 6414632